Shale boom from the space and gas flaring


“The U.S.’s shale boom has become so vast that the flares generated by this activity can now be seen from space, shows a recent report released by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).”

At the photo below “the beams we see are towers burning off natural gas from oil wells 24 hours a day. They are generating enough gas to power all the homes in Chicago and Washington combined, explains NASA. But the practice is causing growing concern about the waste of resources and damage to the environment.

Due to the lack of a gas pipeline and processing facilities in the region, about 29% of that gas is flared, says the agency.”

Night-time satellite images captured in November, North Dakota’s Bakken shale. The oilfield that has lead the change in the US’ oil and gas industry during the past five years, shines almost as some major cities.

Full article here: Shale Gas from Space


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